Sunday, January 12, 2020

Why do men need to choose laser hair reduction?

Excess body hair not only bothers the female counterpart, but also the males who want to look groomed at all times. An increasing number of men are opting for laser hair reduction to get rid of their unwanted hair growth. Earlier, laser hair reduction was only adopted by sportsmen and celebrities, but today all men are opting for the procedure. It started to hit off with the need for hair-free back and chest, but now even full body laser hair removal is in demand. Some simply opt for it due to the demand of their job. For laser hair removal in Delhi, visit Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinic, where one can get the best results from the procedure. The clinic encompasses the most advanced laser machines designed to provide safe and painless treatment. The treatment is provided under the guidance of skin and laser specialist, Dr. Rohit Batra.

Laser beard shaping:
As the beard continues to remain in trend, laser beard shaping has become one of the most sought after procedures. Since the stray hair on the neck and cheeks can ruin the aesthetics of the beard, laser beard shaping can help to save time and effort of the individual in getting rid of the excess hair. Also, one can trim the beard according to their desire with laser beard shaping.

No chances of ingrown hair:
Ingrown hair is a condition in which the hair curls back or grows into the skin. This results when the hair breaks off unevenly with a sharp tip. Ingrown hair is common among people with curly hair, but can occur in any person and anywhere on the body. With laser hair reduction, there are fewer chances of ingrown hair as the laser completely destroys the hair follicle present underneath the skin, while shaving only removes the surface hair. Also, the procedures help to get rid of razor burns.

Painless procedure:
Laser hair reduction is a painless procedure in comparison to waxing. The new and improved lasers come with a cooling device that makes the procedure gentle and virtually painless. Before the procedure, the technician also applies an anaesthetic and a cooling gel to make the procedure even more comfortable. The sensation felt during the procedure is like a rubber band snapping against the skin which is easily endurable.

Quick procedure:
Laser hair reduction is a lunchtime procedure. The session takes around 15-20 minutes to cover an area. However, the duration also depends on the body part. After the procedure, the patient does not require much downtime and can resume their daily activities immediately.

Long-lasting results:
Laser hair reduction provides with best and long lasting results, as it damages the hair follicle and root and slows down the hair growth for an extended period of time. Laser hair reduction is the best alternative compared to the traditional method of removing hair such as waxing, shaving, which results in hair growth within a short period.

The laser hair removal cost in Delhi depends upon the technique adopted for the procedure, the number of sessions, the area to be covered, etc. Thus the cost may vary from person to person. Visit Dermaworld Skin & Hair clinic for the best laser hair removal in Delhi and achieve a smooth and hair-free skin.

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